Starter Glitter Festival Set

Rainbow Sparkles


A great Rainbow Sparkles glitter starter set.


  • 12 x 10g of festival chunky cosmetic glitters (colours in packs will vary but will be 12 different types of glitter colour mixes, each pack will contain a gold and silver mix
  • Large flat brush to apply the glitter with the gel
  • Small clear face gel to apply the glitter with the brush

Cellophane wrapped

Also makes an ideal gift

enough glitter for atleast 200 people if a little is applied to one side of the eye ,can also be used on the hair , the gel lasts for approx 25 adults/childs if used sparingly, you can add a little bit of water in the lid and add a bit of gel to go further, clear gels can also be purchased separately either in small @ £1.25 or 250ml @ £9.99

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