Vinyl Printing for leggings **NEW**

Vinyl Printing for leggings **NEW**

We are now offering personalized vinyl printing for leggings. Our options include children's names, adult face painting, glitter tattoos, or body painter wording in Glitter and Iron-on vinyl. Please note that you will only receive the vinyl print, not the leggings.

 To apply the vinyl at home, follow these steps:

 Place the printed vinyl on the legging's side.

  • Ensure there are no bits attached to the print.
  • Cover with tracing paper or paper.
  • Avoid using steam.
  • Use a hot iron with caution. IF YOU HAVE A HEAT PRESS, THIS WOULD BE BETTER
  • Press firmly on the print for a short duration.
  • Let it cool, then repeat until the print sticks.
  • Gently remove the plastic backing once cooled.
  • Finally, reduce iron heat, press firmly, and wash as usual.

Avoid tumble drying to maintain the font's longevity.

After a lot of washes the fonts can lift, you can iron to press again,

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