Little Dream Colours by Superstar *NEW*

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SKU: LD1456

Superstar NEW 30g one stroke colours. 

Can use with a damp sponge or one stroke brush.

Currently 8 colours in this new range. 

After a long process, Superstar has succeeded in producing their own One Stroke, Little Dream Colours. A dream come true.
Our Little Rainbow, 30g One Stroke, are water-based body paints, vibrant and highly pigmented, perfect for face and body painting, with tremendous covering power, making them very economical for professional face painting.
Little Rainbow will flow harmoniously, from Purple, Blue, Yellow, and Dark Pink to Pink.
Little Dream Colours are made of user-friendly, high-quality, water-based face and body paint that meet the strict regulations of the European Cosmetics Directive (1223/2009/EG).
Produced in the Netherlands, contains no perfume, gluten, micro plastics or parabens and has not been tested on animals.
The colours are gorgeous and bright, and the paint is easy to work with and is also easy to remove. A thin layer of Superstar paint is enough to provide an excellent covering base.
The paint dries quickly and will not stain.
Cracking the paint surface is normal and will not affect the performance of the Superstar Aqua Face and Bodypaint.
The overflowing or mixing of colours in the jar is routine and does not affect the final result.
The Little Dream Colours can be applied by dabbing with a sponge or using a brush to give a fantastic effect because the colours fade into each other.
The so-called rainbow effect.
Size: The content of the jar is 30 grams, size 55mm x 35mm x10 mm
Remove with soap and cold-lukewarm water.
The Superstar Make-up Eraser black is perfect for removing the face and body paint. Wet the wipe with water and possibly with some soft soap. Wipe the Superstar Makeup Eraser black softly over the paint-covered skin to remove the stain.
To remove, please do not use pre-packaged wet wipes, baby wipes, etc.
Do not use paint-or make-up remover, which contains wax and/or oils.
This will cause the paint to affix to the skin.
Please don't rub or scrub. This will cause the paint to penetrate the skin.

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